Our prayer is that home groups in this area from all different churches will become Jesus with skin.  We pray that each home group will “adopt” one or possibly two families as the needs arise. These home groups will…
  1. Fill the basic needs of the family by either using resources within the group or if needed, use our network that we are setting up to help get those resources.
  2. Pray for these families – for not only the need that you know of but more importantly for their spiritual needs.
  3. Help them until their situation has been “fixed/settled/a solution has been found/whatever.”
  4. If a relationship has been formed  by the time the need has been resolved– wonderful –keep it going and then be ready to “adopt” the next family in need.
There are anywhere from 5 to 12 families in any given home group.  Each person has been gifted by God in different ways.   The idea is that as a group with many different spiritual gifts the needs of the family should easily be covered.  Also, when “life happens” with one family in the home group that may cause them to have to step back from helping, another family in the home group can easily step in. It is truly what a picture of Christian community looks like.